domingo, 23 de março de 2008

FC Porto T-shirt

This is the texture phase of a project that involves character animation for the 3 main Portugal soccer Teams( Benfica, Sporting, Porto).

These animations are for cellphones ring tones.

In this project I wanted to use MoCap for the players animation, it was my first time using motion capture files, so I had to learn motionbuilder to extract the animations back to maya.
For the textures I tried to use bodypaint and it worked really well, it's very cool to paint my objects in 3d.

2D Sketches

2 drawings I've done in photoshop for fun, but in the future I want to learn to draw better so I can make my own character concepts.

Aquario meu better quality


Maya Ncloth

Ncloth test


segunda-feira, 17 de março de 2008

Lamborghini turntable...


domingo, 16 de março de 2008


Turntable of Oscar.

Video clip of "Aquário meu".


I like Starwars, yeeee.

A test of photo manipulation that has a lot of problems. In that time thing like composition, color, perspective were thing that I didn't knew much, I guess it's something we learn with time right.

More images of old models that I've done when I was still learning maya and zbrush.

Work in progress images of the house where the short " Aquario Meu " takes place.

Aquario meu

In 2004 I came to Lisbon to study 2d/3d animation in a school named " restart ", in the end of the year it was asked to do a little short animation in 3d. I don't have the movie unfortunately, but I made some shots of the main character " Oscar".



Initial color test for my Lamborghini Murcielago.

My PS2. Made in nurbs and polys

Low poly house.

This guy, I call it " Gordinho", " Fatboy", lol.
A made this model when I was learning new stuffs from a book called " Maya Character Animation, 2nd Edition by Jae-Jin Choi .

Another dragon, I like dragons, but I haven´t made one that I truly like, concept wise.

A horse gear made in maya and zbrush.

Made a chinese dragon that was used in a personal project a long time ago.

An old sword that I made a long time ago. In that time I didn't knew how to use HDRI images very well, this is the result.